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March 14th, 2022, MTA Get Right released his hit single "WISH ME WELL" on all major platforms. The MTA artist has been spiraling on social media since he teased his new music on TikTok a week ago. It turns out he went to the studio to record this song with intentions to release it on his baby mother's birthday. In the song the artist stated, " Baby mama she was tripping put me in that cell, I know my kids they gone miss me when I go to hell." MTA Get Right is an artist out of Decatur, Alabama who recently signed a artist distribution deal with Money Train Association LLC in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The track has already reached 1000 streams on spotify and is gaining a lot of clout from TikTok. On the other hand his baby mother is definitely enjoying her birthday as the two continue to through shots at each other through social media post. You can stream the single "WISH ME WELL" on all platforms, and also clicking a few links down below.

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