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MTA Welcomes New Artists

As 2023 unfolds, Money Train Association has wasted little time securing artists to represent the label. Our company ran into a few bumps down the road, but it has only given us the strength to become a stronger label. Our goal has always been to reach artists of different genres and unite them all together under one brand while we all work together to become successful musicians. After ending our distribution service with Distro Kid, we have partnered with a new company (Im A Rebel Records) to offer artist a much easier and cheaper way to distribute their music across all platforms. We have also partnered with FlexRL, GBTwoGood, and Yung Dosja to help secure multiple services for our company. Since 2012, we have worked with dozens of artists but this lineup is going to be one for the books. Stay Tuned more to come.....




In the pictures above, we have three new artists that recently joined the label. Money Train Association LLC would like to welcome CHRIS JAYE, BREE, and K SWAGG to our MTA family. Each of these individuals work hard and show undeniable dedication towards their music careers. Everyone be on the look out for new music from our label coming real soon. The only route for us is up from here so continue to support these talented individuals. Please be sure to stream these talented artists on all platforms and continue to show us some love.

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